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July 23rd 2019 - SCBA Dodgeball

Firefighting is an extremely strenuous activity.  SCBA Dodgeball is a fun training that builds camaraderie, cardiovascular endurance, and confidence wearing the SCBA.

July 2nd 2019 - Game Night

Game Night

July 2nd 2019 - Game Night

July 2nd 2019 - Game Night

This week, after our regular maintenance checks, volunteers took a moment to relax and play some games at Monrovia Station 1. This helps build teamwork and helps newer volunteers get to know the current team.

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June 25th 2019 - Water Supply Transition

Water Supply Transition training allowed our apparatus driver/operators to practice transitioning from on-board tank water to a hydrant.  The training also gave firefighters and junior firefighters more experience operating attack lines and master streams.