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Monrovia Fire-Rescue

Est. 1965, Monrovia, Alabama

Monrovia Fire / Rescue is an ISO Class 4 department with 35 volunteer Firefighters and EMTs, 10 support personnel and 10 Junior Firefighters dedicated to serving the Monrovia area of Madison County, AL.  We provide a quick and quality response to emergency calls including fire, rescue, motor vehicle accidents, and medical emergencies. We are also committed to public education through interaction with local schools. Averaging almost 5 calls per day, Monrovia is one of the busiest volunteer fire departments in the state of Alabama.  

Fundraiser/Picture Drive: Our annual event to raise financial support from our community is underway. Support personnel are out in the community asking for donations. These individuals have shirts, ID, labeled vehicles and a letter from our fire chief. We depend on them each year to help us serve your better. Families are offered a photo setting and print as a thank you for their support. Please be on the lookout for them and support your local fire department if able. Thank you for your support.

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